Very fresh from Vietnamese material

# Description Price
 1  Cha gio – Vietnamese Eggroll

Deep fried, stuffed with special house filling of pork and fresh vegetable

 2  Goi cuon -Fresh roll

Vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, daikon radish, carrots and basil all wrapped in clear rice paper

Choice of:

  • Shrimp: $3.95
  • Grilled pork: $3.95
  • Tofu: $3.95
  • Grilled chicken: $3.95
  • Beef: $3.95
  • Vegetable: $3.00
 3  Shrimp Tempura(6)

lightly deep fried, served with chili sauce

 4  Grilled chicken or Pork on wooden scewer(2)

a generous portion of meat with curry lemongrass and sesame seed.

 5  Fried chicken wings(6)

Deep fried topped with garlic sauce

 6  Krab Rangoon(6)

homemade with krab and cream cheese filling served with sweet chili sauce.

 7 Crispy shrimp rool(6)

deep fried, egg roll papar wrapped shrimp served with sweet chili sauce.

 8  Robata shrimp(6)

bacon wrapped with deep fried shrimp served with sweet chili sauce.

 9  Bok choy

Steamed bok choy with special garlic sauce.



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